Visuals begin where language fails…

There is so much beauty in the world , that my heart caves in. The world cannot be explained and artistic creation offers the only way to escape into meaning. My desire to capture the beauty of our gorgeous planet earth, took hold, with my solo backpacking trips .
I am totally in love with a life of exploration; of people, of culture, the way they live, how they celebrate, their environment , their struggles, their spirits , their lives.

We all tend to set or have a grand purpose in life . For me , it is to travel , and travel meaningfully , so that it makes a difference to the world in some significant way , no matter how small my contribution is.

My way of giving back to the world , is being able to document , what i love , and also call attention to issues, in such a special unforgettable way , that my contribution can successfully connect everyday humans from all walks of life , and all corners of the world , and leaves something for the society to value, cherish and hold on to.



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