“The portrait I do best is of the person I know best”

In order for capturing the most honest moment , when a person’s soul , peeks through his eyes and facial expression , we need to have an eye of an artist , the mind of a scientist , and the heart of a journalist. It is a very complex process , as you really need to be truly attached to the soul of of your subject in order for knowing who they are and simultaneously you need to maintain a dispassionate detachment to the subject, lest you get too overwhelmed , by that rare moment, when the subject really lets go of him/herself , and are unable to capture the moment .

Portraiture is thus one of the toughest genre of photography , with “soul capturing moments “being elusive like butterflies by nature . Portraiture is a fine balance of artistry and art, technique and “heart”. Here is an assortment of our portraiture , captured from the magical world around us. We hope, you would enjoy , going through them !

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